Tuk Tuk's

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Who says there is no such thing as a free ride!

In a continued effort to support locals, Norgarb Properties offers a FREE ride and errand running service with their fun Tuk Tuks, which never fails to put a smile on people's faces.

You will no doubt have seen these cute three wheelers zooting around the Harfield Village, Claremont and Kenilworth areas and perhaps wondered what they are all about.

Due to nature of this service and in the spirit of fun and community Lew Norgarb (Principal Norgarb Properties) asks that folks remain patient and understanding of any mishaps, availability being the most obvious concern. Also that as this service is FREE, it is hoped that any issues that do arise will not reflect negatively on the superb service levels of the Norgarb Property Company.

Norgarb would be very grateful for your feedback, (whatever it may be) as a means to improve the service as it grows.


OPERATING HOURS: Monday - Thursday 15h00 - 22h00 then Friday - Sunday 12:00 till 00:00.


    • ~ The driver will rely on tips!
    • ~ The service is for the residents of Claremont, Harfield Village and Kenilworth
        • ~ Unless otherwise agreed the geographical limitations are (South) Keurboom Rd, (East) M5 Freeway, (North) Wetton Bridge, (West) railway line and Palmyra Rd. (Concessions are made and available for Newlands rugby and cricket matches)
    • ~ The vehicle is licensed for 3 passengers only per trip
    • ~ Children to be accompanied by parents or to give the driver permission for travel
    • ~ Currently not operational on rainy or extremely cold windy days. (This is due to open sides which could make for an uncomfortable journey. We are looking at customising options ASAP)
    • ~ There are safety belts available

Westerford Matric Farewell 1st Birthday Party Rondebosch Boys Matric Farewell

SERVICE OPTIONS: (additional suggestions welcomed)

  • ~ Deliveries (Need something dropped off or collected?) - FREE
  • ~ Transport (Enjoy one for the road at a local pub/restaurant. Grab a lift to the rugby, cricket or shops, or even work if it’s close by) - FREE
  • ~ Children’s parties - HIRE
  • ~ Events e.g.: matric dance, birthday parties fancy dress parties, or to have fun with your friends - HIRE
  • ~ Corporate functions - HIRE
  • ~ Corporate branding - HIRE
  • Feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lew Norgarb says, “I continue to look for additional ways to put something back into the local residential and business community.” His property company currently sponsors the following initiatives: The design, print and distribution of a local fun map plus an additional restaurant directory, (both of which are freely available at their office). Annual events such as the Carnival, Halloween, and Carols in the Park are also supported. This community website, online business directory, a Facebook page as well as regular newsletters are a further contribution to the area.


The intention is to deliver a FREE, fun and friendly service. “These Tuk Tuks are cute, full of character and add a smile to people’s faces,” says Norgarb. “We hope that this fun, creative and useful service will be put to good use by all.” 

Readers can visit our Gallery for more images of this fun vehicle.


Tuk tuk service sponsored by norgarb properties    Tuk Tuk Poster